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Calibration & Validation blocks

MSL Service has a dedicated work shop for fabrication of calibration blocks as per the requirements of ASME & ASTM. We supply the blocks
with third party certificates, if required.


Calibration blocks supplied for

● Conventional UT (with SDH, FBH & Notches as desired)
● Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (with SDH, FBH & Notches as desired)
● Time Off Flight Diffraction Testing (with SDH, FBH & Notches as desired)
● Eddy Current Testing (notches in tubes)

The Group of Quality

"MSL Group delivers quality, on schedule, and safe projects at a competitive price."
Works Services : Electrical & Instrumentation Works, Piping Pre-fabrication and Erection Works,
Maintenance Services, Manpower Supply Services, NDT Training and Services

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MSL has recently extended its services to include the Piping works in our portfolio. MSL has been awarded the first contract for piping works for FMC project located in Pluak Daeng, Rayong.

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MSL also partnered with the A-Star Training and Consultancy of Singapore to become A-Star (Thailand) to further provide :
Training in NDT, Consultancy in NDT, NDT Products

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