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Semi Automated & Motorized Scanners

We sell products for PA-AUT & TOFD for application on Pipe girth welds, Long seams, Pressure vessel welds, Storage Tank welds
and many other applications.

● Semi Automated scanner holding multi probe (PA-AUT & TOFD) combination (up to 6 probes in total).
● Motorized PA-AUT scanner holding multiple probes (PA-AUT & TOFD) combination (up to 6 probes in total).
● Automated scanner for PAUT & TOFD for application in.
   • Pipe girth welds.
   • Pressure vessel welds.
   • Storage Tank welds.
● ID scanners for application in.
   • Pipe and pressure vessels welds.
   • Storage Tanks.
   • Blow Out Preventer(BOP).
   • Flange/Nozzle.

MSL Service are proud to present the UMS semi-automated scanner. Scanner is designed to One Scanner Multiple application for:
● Pipe Girth Welds from.
● Pipe Long Seam welds.
● Internal ID scanning.
● Pressure Vessels welds for circumferential and Longitudinal Seams.
● Storage Tanks.

Important Features of UMS Scanner

● Fixed offset scanning as the probe holder runs on fixed band (less than 0.5mm deviation).
● Multiple probe for PAUT, TOFD and Pulse Echo options.
● Scanning in horizontal and Vertical positions without difficulty (Band comes with magnetic holder to facilitate easy.
● installation on horizontal and vertical pipe, pressure vessels and storage tanks).

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click here for operating Manual for UMS scanner

The Group of Quality

"MSL Group delivers quality, on schedule, and safe projects at a competitive price."
Works Services : Electrical & Instrumentation Works, Piping Pre-fabrication and Erection Works,
Maintenance Services, Manpower Supply Services, NDT Training and Services

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MSL has recently extended its services to include the Piping works in our portfolio. MSL has been awarded the first contract for piping works for FMC project located in Pluak Daeng, Rayong.

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MSL also partnered with the A-Star Training and Consultancy of Singapore to become A-Star (Thailand) to further provide :
Training in NDT, Consultancy in NDT, NDT Products

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